Tuesday, January 26, 2010

4 Myths about Social Media and Business

I read a post on Mashable regarding 4 Myths About Social Media and Business. These are things I tell my new clients often.  Mashable explains it nicely in the article but I wanted to give a quick summary here:
Myth #1: Small Businesses Must be on Social Media
  Not everyone should be using Social Media. Do the research first.  If you see a place for you, create a strategy before jumping in.

Myth #2: Set It and Forget It
  You need to interact for it to work. 

Myth #3: Word of Mouth Presence Isn’t There
  Just because you are not being talked about, doesn't mean you shouldn't be there.

Myth #4: Social Media is Only for Broadcasting Messages
  You can broadcast messages and get some value, but the real value is with interaction.

I suggest you read the whole article on Mashable.  It's advice I often offer and it's great having a resource like Mashable to back it up.  And thankfully, they've written the post so I don't have to. :)

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